School of Continuing Education : Programmes Offered

Programmes Offered

Sr. No. Code Name of Programme Prospectus
1 C3E Certificate in English Language View
2 C3A Certificate in German Language View
3 C3G Certificate in Arabic Language View
4 C3F Certificate in French Language View
5 C2E Certificate in Beauty Parlour Management View
6 C97 Certificate in Fire Safety Engineering and Management View
7 C2H Certificate in Tailoring View
8 C3V Certificate Water Management View
9 T36 Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration View
10 T72 Diploma for Electrician & Domestic Appliances Maintenance View
11 T94 Diploma in Fabrication View
12 V11 Diploma for Civil Supervisor View
13 V13 Diploma for Fitter View
14 V15 Diploma in Saloon Techniques View
15 P73 Diploma in Fire & Safety Engineering Management View
16 V105 Diploma in Animation View
17 P96 PG Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering Management View
18 V14 Diploma in Computer Hardware Maint. & Network Tech.(Win-2008) View
19 V30 B.Sc. (Interior Design) View
20 V31 B.Sc. (Fashion Design) View
21 V101 B.Sc. (Hospitality and Tourism Management Facility Service) View
22 V102 B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies and Catering Sciences) View
23 V19 B.Sc. (Facility Services) View
24 V71 B.Sc. (Construction Practices) View
25 V72 B.Sc. (Automotive Techniques) View
26 V103 B.Sc. (Fire and Safety Studies) View
27 T97 B.Sc. (Media Graphics & Animation) View